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name/age/location: Johnnie, 18, Boston, Ma
sexual orientation: Men and Women
describe yourself using 3 adjectives: Fabulous, Fierce, Bitchy
promote wedont__care and show proof:
we need at least 3 pictures:

not my favorite

theatrical headshot

favorite bands: Gary Numan, Fisher Spooner, The dresden Dolls, Blondie, Ladytron, The police, anything new wave
favorite songs: Blue jeans-Ladytron, telekon-Gary Numan, Miss groupie supreme-Blondie
favorite movies: leaving las vegas?, donnie darko, willy wonka(stoner!!!!!!), Finding Nemo(stonnneerrrrrrr!(again)) teen witch
favorite books: The Passion of Alice, Through the Willows
favorite tv shows: The family Guy, stewie fucking fantastic, and Nip/tuck
favorite live band: The Dresden Dolls
favorite lyrics: "Red eye shadow, Green mascara, ick shes too much"::miss groupie supreme::
favorite quote: "Don't Dream it, Be it" Rocky Horror

if you had to sleep with one celebrity for the rest of your life, who: Johnny Depp, and since im bi i get to choose a girl too, brody!
if you could fight anyone, who: People who say no to me in rating communities 
if you could meet anyone, who:  Ummm somebody who is really elitist

what is one thing you want to do before you die: Star in a Musical, and die as a coked up expensive prostitute 
your take on love: you cannot choose who you love, but oyu can choose whether you act upon it or not, i choose to act upon it.

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